Game Rules

Teams / Players

  • Every player MUST sign a waiver
  • 4 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper
  • Must have at least ONE female player on the field at all times. If your team doesn’t have any female players, you will play with one player down.
  • Maximum of 4 male players on the field at all times
  • Each team can bring up to 10 players per week. Only up to 2 players can be guest players (not on the roster). If your team needs players, please contact rich@kickstothepitch.com



  • 25-minute halves
  • 5-minute half time break
  • Kick-ins (instead of throw-ins) from sidelines and corners
  • Kick-ins inside the penalty perimeter for goal-kicks
  • No offsides
  • No shoulder tackles
  • No slide tackles toward any opposing players


Running game clock

  • The game clock does not stop unless there’s a serious injury or the ball is lost



  • On-the-fly
  • Only in substitution zone at the center of the court



  • Every red card will result in a 2-minute power play
    • The carded player is removed from the court and cannot return to the court again that game
    • Another player can enter the court after 2 minutes
    • If carded player’s team scores, power play ends
  • Every yellow card will not result in a power play
    • The carded player will not be removed from the court



  • Every freekick is indirect


Fouls or handballs

  • If a foul or a handball is committed within the goal box, a penalty kick will be given


No half-way line rules

  • Can shoot from anywhere



  • No slide tackles
    • Sliding allowed only to block or save the ball (when no one is around)
  • No shoulders
    • Can lean but cannot shoulder another player
  • Bicycle kicks will be penalized if it’s considered a dangerous play (i.e. opposing player defending the ball with his / her head)



  • Restrictions on pass back to GKs
    • GKs CANNOT pick up the ball from pass backs, just like in outdoors
  • Goal kicks are taken from within the box
  • Cannot keep possession of the ball in the hands for more than 4 seconds

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