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This week marks the finals for The Association, but before this era comes to a close, we’re still out here reporting on the happenings and the individuals that have made this futsol league one to remember. Returning to the blog site is our good friend Dom, who many of you may know as The Shoe Surgeon. Speaking to the creative is our very own Ben Hooper, who sat down with Dom to get the rundown on why soccer-inspiration is all the hype right now, as well as Dom’s own experience playing in the league, and more. Read on for our follow-up interview with The Shoe Surgeon.

For those who are still unfamiliar with who you are and how you’re connected with The Association, can you please let the good people know?
My name is Dominic Chambrone, I go by the Shoe Surgeon and I play on Real Radio.

You work in footwear, and recently we have seen soccer footwear become increasingly popular. What is your favorite soccer-inspired silhouette that you work with?
One of the most classic adidas Soccer shoes is the Copa. I never really wore the Copa much because I have always liked newer style cleats. But there is so much history with them and they are so iconic.

I remember growing up, my brother was more old school and he always wanted the Copas, preferably the kangaroo ones. But I always wanted the new shit – like the Predators. I was recently able to take the Copa and make them more of a lifestyle shoe as well.

We’re seeing a lot more soccer-inspired products being released recently. Whether that is footwear or apparel. Do you have any thoughts on why we are seeing so much soccer-inspired products now?
I think soccer has been slept on and with the rise of social media, more people can view professional players and how they live. I think the Latin community is helping push this as well. I think it’s cool that this is happening, but at the same time a lot of it isn’t credible or authentic. I think that’s the way the industry is. People want to attach themselves to something whether it’s a part of their life or not. Also, I feel that soccer players are some of the most fashionable people in the world so it makes sense.

What’s your experience been like so far playing in The Association?
I didn’t know what to expect at first. I was drafted by Dash Radio and I was expecting to play on another team that had asked me to play. The overall experience has been great. We got stomped in our first game like 28-1. I think I scored the only goal. It was a pretty bad game. But the whole overall experience is just great. It’s been a way for me to get back in shape, focus on something that isn’t really my reality. Soccer takes me to a place that nothing else can. So this is a great way for me to just get away.

The first game you mentioned that you guys played, you got beat badly by Niky’s. Now it’s all come full circle and you will be playing Niky’s in the final. You guys have gotten better and better each week and now you have a chance to take revenge on them.
Yeah, the first game immediately put us in last place. We didn’t have the full squad there and we took that loss hard. People come out to be competitive and that first loss made us want to work harder and train and stick with each other. This next game is gonna be a tough game, but it’s gonna be a fun one to watch.

What has soccer meant to you both personally and professionally.
I started playing soccer at age five and it was a way for me to focus on something that was active and it helped me become closer with different people growing up. I made new friends and new family just through soccer and traveling all over the US. Playing in high school was so much fun. Everybody in high school was going to basketball and football games, but I made the soccer games fun. And people came out to support soccer and I have always liked to get people into the sport.

You continue to get people into soccer in a big way and are introducing people to the sport through the work that you do now. Your love for the game is obvious and authentic and people pick up on that and what you are doing is helping make new fans of the sport.
Being able to create soccer-inspired shoes or whatever I can make is something I really love. I find myself going back to growing up and remembering soccer tournaments and I pull inspiration from back then. So I’m able to tie in my past and future and bring people into it to understand the story.

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