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While the task typically falls upon us to report on our own endeavors, we’ll gladly admit that it’s always great when guests at The Association go out of their own way to give something back for our efforts. In this particular case, we’d like to thank Corey Burns, a photographer/videographer and soccer enthusiast who has joined us as a spectator to the league, for taking the time to conduct a photo recap of his own of our game night. What we enjoy most about this is that Burns has brought a look into The Association through his own unique lens, offering an intimate and candid look at what spectators typically experience when coming through.

His visual recap also serves as an example of his own skill at photography, a passion and career that absolutely deserves some limelight. Be sure to scroll through Corey Burn’s images throughout, as well as checking out his professional portfolio here to see more from the man. And on that note, if you’re interested in doing your own recap or have something else to share about The Association, feel free to hit me up at – we’d love to showcase your own talents too!

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