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Following Part 1’s Player of the Week Jared Kaufer, Part 2 of The Association’s soccer league witnessed the finesse and skill of Beats by Dre’s very own Dillon Chapman. Hailing from team Defiant Ones, Chapman outperformed the rest, which of course goes unnoticed under the careful watch of El Jimador, landing him a spot in the limelight for the week. To get a better idea of who Chapman is, what he’s about and which team he’s gunning for, read our interview with the Player of the Week Part 2 below.

For our readers to get to know you a little better, how would you describe yourself in a sentence?
I haven’t had to answer a question like this since high-school icebreakers… I got nothing on this one. I’ll let people decide that…

How are you associated with Beats by Dre, and what does your day-to-day at work look like?
I got recruited by Ro to represent Beats, but I don’t actually work there. Although I did do a Beats shoot a few years ago when they released the Tour 2 which was cool. My day-to-day job is running Venice Beach FC, which I co-founded with fellow Beats teammate Tim Walsh. People can follow us here to see more about what we are doing.

Seeing as you’re playing in The Association soccer league, what’s your relationship with Soccer?
I have lived and breathed soccer since the day I was born, due to the fact that my dad played professionally and was in the middle of his career in Detroit where I was born in 1989. I started playing early, went to Villanova to for a year – hated it – and so moved to London where I continued to play and finish school. I lived there for five years and had some incredible experiences playing the game. I moved to LA after to continue playing and have since hung up the boots – outside of competitions like this, men’s leagues and our Sunday pickup game – but still continue to work within the game. I’m doing something related to soccer every day more or less.

Are you in it to win it, or are you more about having fun?
It’s hard to turn it off and just play for fun, so when I’m playing I enjoy competing and trying to win.

If you had to pick an arch nemesis team from The Association roster, which team would it be?
Umm… I’d say Niky’s only cause they are the other top-dog right now in the league. Unfortunately, they’ll be taking their first L when we play.

Any last words as Player of the Week?
Where’s my bottle of El Jimador?

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