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While The Association is here to celebrate each and every player participating in the league, it only makes sense to highlight one special individual each week who has really put blood, sweat, and tears into their performance during game night. As such, we’ll be posting an interview with the previous week’s El Jimador POTW, with RBFC’s Jared Kaufer kicking the series off. Admittedly this comes a bit late as our appreciation towards Kaufer’s efforts stems from Part 1 of the league, but nevertheless, read on to see what the man has to say about what he does at Red Bull, his thoughts on participating in The Association, and more.

For our readers to get to know you a little better, how would you describe yourself in a sentence?
Work hard, play hard!

What do you currently do at Red Bull, and what does your day-to-day at work look like?
I’m currently the Activation and Communications Sports Specialist at Red Bull. No two days are the same!

Seeing as you’re playing in The Association soccer league, what’s your relationship with Soccer?
I’ve been playing soccer since I was five. I love the sport.

Are you in it to win it, or are you more about having fun?
No sense in playing if you aren’t in it to win it. But we have a great team and in the end, it’s all about having fun.

If you had to pick an arch nemesis team from The Association roster, which team would it be?
Whoever we are playing that week.

Any last words as Player of the Week?
Shoutout to El Jimador for the bottle!

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