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If you’re unfamiliar with who The Shoe Surgeon is, then you’re sorely missing out, especially if you’re even one foot in on the sneaker game. The custom footwear designer/artist, born Dominic Chambrone, is renowned within the sneaker and streetwear culture for his incredibly detailed and seamless customs that elevates what are already coveted silhouettes into new works of art. Not only has he garnered a personal reputation for his skills and talent, the man is also giving back to the community by way of the Shoe Surgeon Shoe School, a platform of classes that aims to “inspire people to express their creativity, empower them to pursue their passions and bring people together to learn the same skills that helped him get to where he is today.”

Aside from customizing sneakers, Chambrone also plays a mean game of soccer, made evident in his performance thus far in The Assocation where he plays for Dash Radio’s Real Radio FC team. During last week’s game night – Part 2 – which featured a collection of soccer-meets-basketball customized adidas sneakers by The Shoe Surgeon made exclusive for the league, we were able to sit down with the man to ask him about his creations, his connection to the beautiful game, and more. Check out our interview below.

The Association: In your own words, how would you describe your approach to the collection of custom sneakers you made for The Association?
The Shoe Surgeon: My approach to the collection was really to mash up soccer and basketball, and really do it in a way where you can actually play in them as well.

T.A: What was the most challenging pair to make?
T.S.S: I would say that the most challenging shoe out of this collection was the adidas COPA silhouette on the Crazy BYW sole.

T.A: And if you had to pick your personal favorite pair?
T.S.S: My personal favorite from this collection would definitely have to be the Samba on the Dame 4 sole. I just think it’s such a classic upper on top of a futuristic basketball sole.

T.A: After finishing the whole collection, was there a pair that you expected the audience to view as the craziest?
T.S.S: Probably the aforementioned Crazy BYW sole on the COPA. That one’s pretty loud.

T.A: Moving on to The Association league that you’re participating in, how do you feel about it all?
T.S.S: I feel good! It’s a good way to destress after a long working week. It’s all great, and I’m looking forward to having my own team play in it next time.

T.A: You’re pretty good on the court. Did you used to play soccer?
T.S.S: Yeah, I grew up playing soccer. Right before I moved to Los Angeles I really started playing the game four years ago when the World Cup started, and it helped change my life in a very positive way.

T.A: Lastly, is there a take away from the collection that you made?
T.S.S: The take away wold be just doing things that are unexpected. I mean, it’s art but it’s wearable art, so love it and appreciate it as a real pair of shoes!

If you want to see The Shoe Surgeon in action alongside the full roster of other influencers and players involved in the league, be sure to stop by our next game night – Part 3 – curated by Beats by Dre’s Defiant Ones that’s happening at The Base LA 352 North Ave 21 (entrance at ave 22), starting at 8:00PM through to 10:30PM.

Images by Willie T and team.

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