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The Association soccer league has finally kicked off, with this past Thursday night being the first of many. How this works is, each game night takes on a host, one of the eight companies/teams featured in the league. Hosting the inaugural night was SpaceX, who outfitted adidas’ The Base venue with all things space, from classic hanging banners to paper models of what could very well be the first settlement on Mars.

Although preparations where going on till the very last millisecond, the event officially opened its doors at 8pm with a special Kia Motors display featuring two stunning Stinger prototype vehicles parked out front, a steady stream of friends and family, a surprise appearance by MadeinTYO, as well as the players themselves from all eight teams, which included Beats by Dre, Complex, Dash Radio, FourTwoFour on Fairfax, Jason Markk, Niky’s Sports, Red Bull and of course SpaceX, as well as the drafted influencers. . Imbuing the venue with beats was DJ Kappa, with our man Mando Fresko on the ground making the announcements throughout.

Geoff Gouveia, an artist playing for RBLA also created the first Match Day poster for the league, which was given away after the first set of matches. Limited to 150 prints, the special poster series will live on each week with a different artist curating the look of the print to coincide with the team that will be hosting the evening.

While we were all there for soccer, the event also served up two bars, one of which was so successful that it ran out of beers fast – people like to drink during sporting events, who would have guessed?… The “Adult” area kept things going thanks to a healthy supply of El Jimador, The official Tequila of The Association, and the outside patio featured barbers Mark Townes and Terry Melmoore who were both there to give anyone needing a quick fade, well… a quick fade.

Once the whistle blew for the first game, the event’s energy went up ten notches, with the guests all crowding around the two pitches to watch all the action. From spastic frenzy to pure art form – the best goal of the night unequivocally goes to The Shoe Surgeon from Dash Radio’s Real Radio FC team – each game was equally as entertaining as the rest. With half time and in-between game breaks, we started seeing which teams clearly had their game faces on. Check out the final scored of all games below:

Beats by Dre’s DEFIANT ONES VS FourTwoFour on Fairfax’s GOLDEN STATE – 14-8

SpaceX’s DRAGON FC VS Complex’s MARAUDERS – 24-4

Niky’s Sport’s NIKY’S FC VS Dash Radio’s REAL RADIO FC – 27-1

Red Bull’s RBLA VS Jason Markk’s MARKKERS FC – 24-4

All in all, everyone looked like they had a great time. Sure competitive egos were hurt, but everyone walked away from a great experience and a fun time, and things are only going to get better as we continue The Association league. So make sure you stick around to catch the recap of our next event happening next Thursday, May 3. Check out our official photo recap of the night taken by Willie T and his crew throughout.

































































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