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Art and soccer collide for what has resulted in dare we say our favorite looking trophy to date. Yes, we’re biased, but honestly, look at it… The magnificent piece of artwork comes from the talented mind of graffiti living legend OG Slick, exclusively made for The Association. The design sees four twisting arms, with each accompanying gloved hand – a signature motif of OG Slick, recognizably dubbed LAHands – gripping on to a soccer ball, and finished off in a matte gunmetal silver coating. The piece, while pleasingly simple to look at, is without a doubt bold enough to stand out in any trophy case.

For those unfamiliar with the artist, OG Slick is most known for his mark within Los Angeles’ graffiti and street art landscape. But while his passion may stem from graff and murals, the man has since gone on to create a pre-streetwear clothing brand, sculptures, toys, canvas pieces, myriad collaboration projects, and much more than extends his portfolio as an artist.

As for the design process of the trophy, while challenging at first, it takes a certain level of skill and finesse to pull off something as good as this. Speaking on how that came to be, Slick sat down with our man Benjamin Hooper to give us the following. “When Curtis brought the brief to me, I thought it was kind of odd at first, cause I don’t know too much about soccer – but I do know you kick the shit out of a ball. He wanted the hands in there, which was odd because there’s no real hand play in soccer other than the goalkeeper. But when I started playing around with some ideas, I came up with the concept of the trophy and how people reach out for it with their hands – reaching for number one – and I was even studying the hand gestures of the goalie and how they would jump up to catch the ball. So I turned the hands into the pillars of the trophy, the pillars that hold up the first place, and it worked!”

Check out the finished trophy in all its glory, as well as process shots of OG Slick himself as he builds out the design, then be sure to check back in on the site for more news and recaps of The Association league to come.

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